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"Peterlee ASC aims to provide a teaching, training, and development programme for the children of East Durham. It is hoped that this will allow children to reach their true potential in the performance of competitive swimming"

The Club provides swimming lessons and coaching for children of all ages, from learn to swim to national competitors, with a variety of stages and abilities between. However, enjoyment is our main priority and we aim to ensure that all swimmers find club membership an enjoyable experience.

The Club is Swim 21 acredited. Swim 21 accreditation is the ASA's "quality mark". It recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective, child friendly and quality services for the benefit of their swimmers and non-swimming members. The Club adheres meticulously to the ASA guidelines on Codes of Conduct, Child Protection, Equality and Diversity
We are currently trying to find out about the history of the club. If you have any information about the club, previous coaches or swimmers we would like your help. Please e-mail us with any information or old photographs.
Peterlee ASC follows the Child Protection Guidelines as determined by the ASA; this includes rules on the use of photographic equipment (including mobile phones with an image capturing device). A copy of these rules available from the club secretary. However, as a general rule nop photograhic/videoing equipment should be used without first discussing it with the committee. Any concern regarding Child Protection should be discussed with the club's Welfare Officer - details of who to contact are posted on the club's notice board
Swimmers and their families should conduct themselves at all time in a manner which will not bring the club into disrepute. This applies to training sessions and attendance at galas. In order to ensure that all swimmers maximise their experiences with the club it is important that all feel welcome and comfortable regardless of age, sex, ability, religion etc, therefore discipline is an important feature. Anyone not conducting him or herself in an appropriate manner may be asked to leave, either on that occasion or permanently depending upon the situation. Swimmers should be supportive of one another and bullying in any form will not be deemed acceptable behaviour.

Process for disciplinary

1. Verbal warning
2. Written warning and interview with full committee
3. Expulsion from the club

For serious breaches of discipline including use of bad language, behaviour, disrespect to club personnel, leisure centre staff etc, stage 3 may be implemented immediately.
The Club follows the ASA governing body which it adopted in 2008. A copy of this is held by the club secretary and is available for anyone to see.

Swim 21

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