Peterlee ASC
A Squad
Are the more experienced swimmers and train eight to eleven hours every week. To be a member of A squad the swimmer needs to be very dedicated to swimming and have a lot of commitment. They build up speed and stamina and compete against other swimmers at district, county and national level.

B Squad
Swim for five hours every week. They focus on building up stamina and improving technique. They enter local galas and leagues and can sometimes achieve district and county times.

C Squad
Have approximately 12 members and swim for two hours every week. They often enter junior league competitions and spend a lot of time perfecting the four main strokes in swimming.

We have two shrimp classes and they swim for thirty minutes every week. They mainly continue to improve technique and practise diving.

Are our younger swimmers in the big pool. There are three tadpole classes and the children progress through the classes as their swimming improves.

Small Pool
This is our beginner class, where children get their first taste of swimming. There are three classes and the children swim for thirty minutes a week. When they are safe and confident swimming in deeper water they move to Tadpoles.

Land Training
A, B and C squad members are encouraged to attend a land training session for an hour every week. This is run by a qualified fitness instructor and aims to build up the swimmers strength. Not only is it fun but it encourages team work among the swimmers.
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